Mobile Hotspots

UCPL Mobile Hotspots

   The Unicoi County Public Library now offers 10 mobile hotspots for patrons to check out for up to 14 days at a time. These hotspots allow users to provide a secure and reliable internet connection over wi-fi to up to 15 devices using the T-Mobile 4G LTE data network.

   These hotspots are currently offered free of charge to the public thanks to grant funding. In the future, if funding expires, there will be a charge of $2/day for the hotspots.

   Additionally, the following restrictions apply:

  • Users must be 18 or older to check out
  • Users must have a UCPL library card in good standing
  • Users must agree to the UCPL Internet Use Policy
  • Users must check out hotspots for a predetermined time at checkout between the minimum of 2 days and maximum of 14 days.
  • Users cannot renew hotspots, but can recheck out a hotspot after returning in person if no one else is waiting for one.

   Additional information about replacement costs for lost or damaged equipment, cleaning costs if devices are returned in a dirty condition, and other policies regarding overdue charges and hotspot use is available in the UCPL Hotspot Policy.

Local kids reading digital books on Libby using a UCPL hotspot next to the Nolichucky River.

Top ways to use UCPL Mobile Hotspots:


1. Connect your smartphone to a hotspot for a secure and reliable unlimited connection you don’t have to share with strangers. Your phone battery will thank you.


2. Who needs a corner office with a view? Take your laptop and a hotspot to a local park, river or forest and work remotely in beautiful surroundings


3. Going on a road trip with kids? Grab a hotspot so everyone in the car can connect their phones, tablets, game systems, and more to their favorite content.


4. Only need occasional mobile internet access? Why pay for a long contract or prepaid plan when you can use a UCPL hotspot for free? (or just $2/day in the future)


5.  Instantly access over 275,000 free digital e-books, audio books, magazines and more through Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. and the Libby app

(For more information on Mobile Hotspots, please call 423-743-6533.)